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15 Hilarious Parenting Tweets About the Hell That Is Daylight Saving Time

"Spring forward, fall back" basically just means "haha, screw you, parents—you'll be up at ungodly hours or begging your so-not-tired child to sleep just so we can accommodate a handful of farmers" (which, apparently, is a myth).

And you know what tired parents do? They tweet. They tweet while sleep-deprived and angry.

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1. Touché:

2. Amongst many others:

3. Truth:

4. Why didn't we think of this?!:


6. "Daylight bedtimes" suck:

7. Way. Too. Early.:

8. No one's laughing here:

9. Here's one way to motivate parents to vote:

10. Just another reason to thank your parents:

11. From a kid's-eye view:

12. We feel ya, kid:

13. Stop the insanity!:

14. The answer: Staring wide-eyed right at you:

15. And this about sums it up:

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