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Freddie and Chelsea Freeman’s Smashing Gender Reveal

Atlanta Braves first baseman Freddie Freeman and his wife Chelsea are expecting a baby, and their gender reveal—which happened at a ballpark, because OF COURSE IT DID—was literally a big hit!

The couple, who had no idea if they were expecting a boy or a girl before the reveal, invited their friends and family to watch as Chelsea pitched a ball to Freddie. The ball had been ordered by Chelsea's dad and was designed to explode on impact in a puff of pink or blue to let everyone gathered find out at the same time whether the couple would be welcoming a boy or girl into the world come September.

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Chelsea looked stunning as she threw a slow and deliberate underhanded pitch to her husband, who expertly whacked the ball to pieces.

Those gathered erupted into cheers as the ball exploded into blue smithereens, and after a brief moment of taking it all in, the expectant couple made their way into each other's arms for a sweet embrace and kiss.

And just like that, it was officially revealed that they are having a boy. What a clever idea in a world where we thought all the clever gender reveal ideas had been taken!

Oh, and in case you're wondering, Chelsea answered the top two questions she keeps getting with a tweet. She got the exploding gender-reveal baseball via Etsy and that gorgeous dress is from Akira.

For reals, though, can we all agree that Chelsea was the best-dressed pitcher EVER?

Congratulations to the happy couple!

We're wondering if this will set off a series of sports related gender reveals. Can we expect exploding soccer balls, basketballs and footballs to follow?

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