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Mom Bills Unappreciative Son $39K for Taking Her for Granted

Fed up with her 23-year-old son's ungrateful behavior, a Toronto mom set the record straight when she handed him a bill for $39,254, covering some of the services and amenities he has taken advantage of since moving back home 13 months ago.

The most hilarious charge? A $1,000 fee for "being an a**hole and not appreciative of your mother's support financially or otherwise."

The bill was enough to shock her son back into reality. The young man, who works part-time and is a full-time student, apologized to his mom. He then posted the bill on Reddit and it went viral, with the majority of commenters sympathizing with his mom.

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"I just looked at it and thought, 'This is golden Reddit material,'" the young man, who goes by "Chalipo" on the Reddit platform, said in a phone interview with Today. "I thought it was one of those things that everyone would appreciate and get a good laugh out of it. I expected a couple of witty comments but I didn't know that it would make international headlines."

Although his mom said the bill was a joke and he was never really required to pay it, she admits that she wanted to bring attention to how much she was contributing to his life.

"It was really just to prove a point and to make him wake up," she said.

Also listed on the bill was a charge of $1,037 for a portion of the electricity bill, $23,550 for five years of tuition, $5,726 for health care premiums and $600 for "wedding, xmas gifts, valentines," money she says she gave him so that he could buy presents for others.

"She was being generous so I could be generous," he said before explaining that he eventually hopes to repay his mom.

"My mom will get old one day and I'll take care of her and spend years and years repaying her, even changing her diapers," he said.

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