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6-Year-Old's Reaction to Learning Her Parent Is Trans Is Everything

Photograph by Facebook

When 6-year-old Layla learned the person she called "Dad" wasn't happy being a boy, she listened closely. Her mom, Shalee Ellis, explained.

"Daddy isn't happy being a boy," the Pennsylvania mom told her eldest daughter. The two had gone out for milkshakes—something fun and sweet, in case the news was overwhelming.

It wasn't.

Shalee started recording their conversation when she realized Layla was handling the information about her parent—Shalee's partner, Mallory—with maturity and acceptance. Shalee wanted to capture the tender moment for her wife.

Photograph by Facebook

"We have decided to help Daddy become the person that his brain and his heart tell him that he really is," Shalee says in the video. She explained that Daddy identified as a girl. Shalee asked Layla whether she was OK with that.

Layla's answer? "Yeah." She was more than fine with it. Barely skipping a beat, she wanted her Daddy to know that she loved her.

"Daddy, I love you so much," Layla says to the camera. "Even though you're a 'her.' I love you so much."

Layla's love for her parents is unconditional, and it's everything in this video. But also worth noting: Shalee wrote on Facebook that, of the dozens and dozens of comments on the video that she posted, all were positive and accepting. No vitriol. No criticism. No threats to call Child Protective Services.

Just love and support for a family going through family stuff. Loving and supporting each other.

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