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34 Weeks Pregnant, She Deadlifts 155 Pounds

Photograph by Instagram

Emily Breeze has been an athlete all her life, and she didn't give up sports just because she got pregnant. In fact, at 34 weeks pregnant, Breeze competed in a CrossFit competition. The only thing that drew more attention than the number and size of the plates on a bar she lifted over her head was the size and dimension of the bump extending from her torso.

The 31-year-old North Carolina trainer deadlifted 155 pounds—for 55 reps—while competing with her CrossFit team, Us Weekly reported. In fact, these were kind of "meh" numbers for Breeze who, before she was pregnant, could do the same with 325 pounds.

She posted pictures of her athletic feat on Instagram (where she posts a lot of pictures of herself as a trainer) and, the internet being the internet, she received some feedback. Most were supportive but others told her she was putting herself and the growing fetus at risk with these heavy and strenuous maneuvers.

Photograph by Instagram

“The 155 pound dead lift would not be considered too heavy for me. I’m working at 50 percent of my normal pre-pregnancy 100 percent,” she said. In other words, all good.

The event wasn't her first rodeo, not even her first one while pregnant. And it's not like she had just gotten up off the couch and starting squatting for a quick lift, either. “I’m still working out six times a week,” Breeze said, with a doctor's clearance to do CrossFit, Olympic lifting and metabolic conditioning.

She's gained 26 pounds so far during her pregnancy and mentions in her Instagram posts that she's a little freaked out about whether she'll get back to her pre-baby weight. (We're thinking yes, and probably faster than the rest of us.)

Breeze's son with her husband, investment consultant Montell Watson, is due April 29.

Photograph by Instagram

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