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Flying With Kids May Not Suck as Much Anymore

Photograph by Twenty20

Let's be real: Flying with kids already sucks, and as airlines start to charge more and more fees for even the simplest of things (like pre-selecting seats), many families are left scrambling upon learning that they're not all seated together—or even near each other. It's bad enough having to haul a suitcase full of items to entertain your child, but now you have to deal with standing in the aisles, waiting to beg strangers to swap seats. Luckily for us, this may soon be a thing of the past.

The Senate recently added an amendment to a Federal Aviation Administration bill that would require airlines to allow parents and their children to sit together on a flight with no additional fees. The amendment would also allow parents to accompany their children through all security checkpoints and for pregnant women to pre-board.

Sen. Michael Bennett, who sponsored the amendment, says, "Parents shouldn’t have to pay extra to sit with their kids on a flight. Separating them is not safe and often leaves them at the mercy of other passengers who must decide whether to trade seats.”

Not everyone is in favor of this change, however. Airlines for America, a trade group representing major airlines, tells the Washington Post that such a law is unnecessary as most airlines already allow families to sit together for free and that "customer service decisions are best left to the dedicated and experienced airline employees who interact with and receive feedback from their customers every day—not the government.”

The Senate is currently debating over the full bill, although the amendment was added unanimously. So stay tuned, parents, the skies may soon become even friendlier.

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