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No, You Can't Name Your Daughter 'Cyanide'

Photograph by Twenty20

A U.K. mom tried to name her twins "Cyanide" and "Preacher," but in a first-of-its-kind case, courts decided she could not formally register her children with the names she chose because a judge said the “unusual” names could be harmful to the children in the future.

And while "Preacher" isn’t that strange—after all, we have celebrity kids such as Saint, Apple, Blue Ivy and Pilot Inspektor who have unusual names—the mom’s reasoning for wanting to name her daughter "Cyanide" just didn’t fly with the judges.

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She told the panel of magistrates that "Cyanide" was a “lovely, pretty name” that was related to flowers and plants, and that since cyanide was responsible for killing Hitler, she thought it “was a good thing."

The mother had been diagnosed with mental health problems and also suffered from substance abuse issues and abusive relationships, according to the New York Post. When county social workers found out she planned to name the twins the unusual names, they referred her case to a family court, where it was ruled that she could not name the children "Cyanide" and "Preacher." An appeals court upheld their decision, despite the mom’s defense that it was her right to name her children how she pleased, and her attorney argued that the injunction “violated her right to respect for family life."

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If you live in the U.K., there’s no need to worry about the courts deciding your baby’s name, though; one of the justices confirmed that courts would only intervene in baby name choices “in the most extreme cases."

The twins, along with the mother's other three kids, are now in foster care. Their older half-siblings will choose their names instead, as ordered by the judges—for which we’re sure the twins will someday be very thankful.

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