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Young Woman Adopts Her Six Foster Kids, All Sisters

Photograph by Instagram

When Lacey Dunkin was in her mid-20s, she applied to be a foster mom. She always knew she'd be a mother and thought foster parenting was a good thing to do until she could make that happen.

A few years ago, the Fresno resident got a call: four sisters in the foster system, ages 2 to 5, needed placement. Before the social worker could finish, Dunkin said yes, bring them over.

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But the girls didn't stay with her forever—at least, at that point, not yet. In an ABC13 interview, Dunkin explained that eventually, the sisters' birth mother had another baby and the four returned to her. A month later, all five of them moved back to Dunkin. In 2013, Dunkin received another phone call: a sixth sister had been born.

"Their first reaction was like 'but not us,'" Dunkin told ABC13. "'This is home, we can't go anywhere, right?' I didn't even realize that was so important to them."

Dunkin took in the sixth sister and started the process to legally become their permanent and forever mother by adopting all of them.

Photograph by ABC

They've all been a family—a growing family—for years. More recently, they've been legally recognized as one, as well.

Dunkin and the girls live with her parents, without whom she says she wouldn't have been able to make this possible.

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