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Ecto Cooler Hi-C Is Back!

If you ever prayed to the lunch box gods that your mom put am Ecto Cooler-flavored Hi-C juice box in your sack lunch, this one’s for you! The Coca-Cola Company is bringing back one of its most popular flavors, thanks to legions of fans and plenty of nostalgic mentions online from those of us who grew up in the ‘80s and ‘90s.

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The promotional flavor, originally tied to the 1987 release of “Ghostbusters,” was discontinued in 2001. And people have been talking about it ever since.

With a “Ghostbusters” remake hitting theaters July 15—starring Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon, Leslie Jones and Chris Hemsworth—this is the perfect time to bring the cult classic back.

You’ll be able to get your Ecto Cooler fix in the form of 6-ounce juice boxes, in a pack of 10 just like in the old days, as well as 11.5-ounce aluminum cans that will be sold in a 6-pack and a 12-pack.

The cool new spin? The aluminum cans have thermal ink printing technology that turns the cans Slimer-green when you chill them.

“When we decided to relaunch Hi-C Ecto Cooler, we wanted to do more than bring back the nostalgic juice boxes everyone knows,” said Shannon Richmond, brand director of Minute Maid for Coca-Cola North America, in a statement. “We wanted to offer something new and fun to reward fans who passionately lobbied us to bring back their beloved brand.”

And if you’re anything like our moms, you’ll probably be sneaking your Ecto Cooler juice boxes into the movie theater in July!

There’s no word yet on the exact date you’ll be able to buy your favorite Hi-C flavor, but the company said in a statement that you’ll be able to buy it starting sometime in May, and it will be sold at “select locations including major online retailers.”

In the meantime, you can keep up with announcements about Hi-C Ecto Cooler hitting stores online at ecto.cool and on the brand's Facebook page, where you can also enter for a chance to win a pack before it goes on sale.

Now, please excuse us while we go search Pinterest for Stay Puft Marshmallow Man treats we can enjoy with the kids.

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