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Dyson Just Came Out With The Most Expensive Hair Dryer Ever

Photograph by Instagram

After nearly five years in development, Dyson—yes, the company that makes your amazing vacuum cleaner—has introduced a new product you’ll want to get your hands on: a premium hairdryer.

The Dyson Supersonic hairdryer is supposed to be super quiet and less damaging to your hair. The caveat? It also comes with a super-sized price tag. The cosmic hairdryer, which will come in white and fuchsia, will set you back more than $400.

Powered by a small air pump located in the handle, the lightweight dryer works with the same airflow principles as a Dyson desk fan. It has a V9 digital motor that pulls in 13 liters of air per second, and has an output of 40 liters.

The hairdryer has three magnetic attachments familiar to anyone who’s ever used a hairdryer, and among its other fancy tech advancements, it’s got a glass bead thermistor that measures and regulates air temperature 20 times per second to make sure it never gets hotter than about 300 degrees Fahrenheit.

In plain English, the airflow is fast and focused, meaning your hair will dry much faster and is subjected to much less heat damage.

True blowout fans might not mind shelling out big bucks for a great hairdryer, but will they drop $400 or more? While a typical professional grade hair dryer that a stylist may use—which is built with higher wattage, is lightweight, and has features that make able to withstand heavy use—may cost up to $200, that’s far less than what the Dyson will retail for.


After 5 years in development, the #DysonSupersonic is making an entrance. It's the #hairdryer as you've never seen it before. #dysonhair

Some of the pricier favorite models of fashion show stylists and blow-out bars include the Valera Professional Swiss Nano 9200T Supersonic ($150), Twin Turbo 3500 ($180), DryBar Buttercup ($195), and the Sedu Revolution 4000i ($200).

But since we’re just going to school drop-off and running errands, we’re not exactly looking for a runway model-grade coif. Considering the hefty price tag, we just hope the Dyson Supersonic doesn’t suck. It's expected to be available in the U.S. starting in September 2016 and you can reserve yours online in advance.

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