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A High-Tech Solution for Women’s Biggest Breastfeeding Issue

Photograph by Twenty20

There are plenty of challenges that come with breastfeeding: getting your baby to latch on, coping with sore, cracked nipples and basically feeling like a 24-hour feeding machine. But the real reason 50 percent of moms give up on nursing? They’re worried that they’re not providing their newborn with enough nourishment.

Fortunately, a new tool from Israeli startup MomSense lets you track just how much milk your baby is consuming—no bottles necessary. According to Fast Company, MomSense’s breastfeeding meter resembles a standard set of headphones with an additional sensor that’s placed behind your baby’s ear.

Designed to be used with your smartphone or tablet, the headphones let you listen to your baby’s swallows while also watching them in real-time on screen (with the MomSense app). Post-feeding, you can see just how much your little one ate and keep tabs over time.

"We think that it's a lot more than just a milk consumption meter," MomSense CEO Osnat Emanuel, M.D., tells Fast Company of the device. "It allows a mom to develop a sense of how her baby is feeding. In one or two sessions, she knows to identify how her baby's swallow sounds."


Momsense, a product made by moms for moms, not only helps you measure your baby's milk intake but also records a diary of their feeding habits and growth!! 💕Order yours today! Link in profile. 💕 #momsense #momsensemoments #breastfeeding #motherhood #breastfeedingapps

The MomSense kit, priced at $89, is currently available from the company’s website, and has just arrived in Target stores.

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