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Kendra Wilkinson Shows Off Stretch Marks on Instagram

Photograph by Instagram

Although Kendra Wilkinson-Baskett posts plenty of gym selfies and cleavage shots on her Instagram account, she also occasionally drops some real #momlife moments too.

For Mother’s Day, she posted a photo that’s about as real as it gets—a photo of what her belly really looks like after two babies. The 30-year-old former Playboy model and reality TV star let it all hang out for everyone to see.

The photo is captioned: “Look what my 2 babies did … They made me happy. 😊 #happymothersday"

With more than 102,000 likes and 7,200 comments, of course there were some haters who posted negative vibes. But plenty of moms hit her up in the comments to thank her for being real about what she looks like after two kids.

Can you imagine some of your favorite celeb moms getting this real on Instagram? (Props to her for also posting a photo of herself and her newborn daughter lounging in bed while she had mastitis and wore a belly band as a flashback photo.) Wilkinson has two children with husband Hank Baskett: Hank Junior, 6, and Alijah Mary, 23 months.

Since we prefer to focus more on the positive, uplifting stuff when it comes to our postpartum body image, here are a few of our favorite comments from fellow mamas:

— "You are AMAZING for posting this, such a beautiful women like you to post an intimate picture of reality after having kids. The pressure for women to be 'perfect' is damaging our future women. Thank you [for] taking a stand!"

— "Beautiful! Thank you for sharing and letting us moms know that we are perfect in our imperfections."

— "Love the realness this is what all us REAL mommies go through"

— "Thank you for sharing! New mom here and want my pre-pregnancy body [back] so badly. Breastfeeding and baby will not sleep alone so I can't fit in exercise just yet. Thanks for making my day. It's the real deal."

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