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Hilaria Baldwin Responds to Instagram Hater in the Best Way

Photograph by Instagram

Hilaria Baldwin is expecting her third baby in three years. WOW! Clearly she and hubby Alec Baldwin have been busy pro-pro-procreating.

It comes as no surprise to anyone who is familiar with Hilaria that the 32-year-old Spaniard and yoga instructor is sharing this part of her life’s journey on Instagram because she’s very active, engaged and always sharing on the social media site.

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For the most part, her online community of followers is very supportive and finds her inspiring, but it wouldn’t be the internet without some vocal haters, now would it?

Case in point: On May 6, Hilaria shared a photo montage taken in the bathroom of her room at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel. The song “Pretty Woman” plays while pictures of Hilaria and her daughter Carmen in their “babe-ing suits” flash across the screen. The mother-daughter duo are about to head off to the pool, hence the bathing suits and the song playing is a nod to the movie “Pretty Woman” that featured the Beverly Wilshire Hotel.

Well, someone didn’t like the post and, instead of just moving on, felt they HAD to leave some unkindness for the pregnant mama because why not spew vitriol at women you don't know while hiding behind a screen?

The comment has since been deleted, but according to E!News it read, “I love me some Hilaria, but come on, being perfectly puckered in every frame is not real. It shows like yet another perfectly shameless IG post. You're just someone who doesn't need to pretend to be perfect bc, hate to say, you're damn near.”

I’ll be honest, as far as hateful online comments go, this one isn’t all that HORRIBLE compared to the ugliness I’ve seen, but remember how I told you that Hilaria is pretty active and engaged on Instagram? Well, she actually reads the comments that are left for her, responds to a fair amount of them and this somewhat critical comment got to her. Can you blame her? She’s pregnant after all ... and HORMONES.

For whatever reason, she couldn’t ignore this particular comment. On May 7, she responded—and I’m not gonna lie, when I saw the picture she posted that has the text, “A response to a comment that was left on this series that I posted yesterday” on it, I may have expected Hilaria to throw some serious shade, but she didn’t.

Her response was not shady, it was classy AF. She tried to see the other person’s position without being offended and she managed to respond with positivity.

My favorite part of her response reads, “I know I open myself up to all sorts of body shaming when I post like this. So why do I do it? Because I WANT TO BE REAL. These are REAL moments of my life, and regardless of how I look, I am allowed to share them. I don't want to change myself in order to try to please others. Then I would not be me. I have accepted myself with all my imperfections and weird eccentricities.”

See what I mean? Classy AF.

Before all of this I wasn't a Hilaria fan. I wasn’t a Hilaria hater either, I just didn’t have an opinion of her one way or the other. Now I can say that I'm an admirer and I profusely thank her for responding so eloquently to negativity online.

As the mother of two daughters growing up in an age of internet haters who love to shame women and girls for NOT being ashamed of their bodies or their confidence, good for Hilaria for speaking out. Good for Hilaria for accepting herself. Good for Hilaria for not responding to negativity with negativity.

I want my daughters to love, accept and respect themselves, and like Hilaria, I want them to understand that when people try to shame you, you don’t have to respond with anger and you also don’t need to feel the shame they are trying to dump on you. After all, what they are saying has WAY more to do with them than it has to do with you.

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