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See the Amazing Thing This Couple Did for Infertility Awareness Week

Photograph by Spencer and Whitney Blake

Being able to laugh when you’re struggling with the ups and downs of infertility may seem impossible, but that’s how one couple says they managed to cope with the ordeal. For Spencer and Whitney Blake, humor helped keep them sane.

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After seven years of trying to conceive, the couple adopted two sons, but the memory of seven years of fertility treatments still weighs heavily on their minds—especially now, during Infertility Awareness Week. “We are so grateful to be parents, but we have not forgotten how lonely and horrible infertility can feel,” they write.

So the duo decided to mark the occasion of Infertility Awareness Week the best way they know how: with a sense of humor. The couple took the opportunity to make their own “infertility announcements,” ones that poke fun at all those cutesy bun-in-the-oven type birth announcements. The couple admits that their mock announcements are “funny in a horrible, that’s-so-true kind of way.” (Our personal favorite: The proud parents-to-be with the Prego sauce jar versus the “We’re Baron” pizza.)

Photograph by Spencer and Whitney Blake

Of course, the Blakes are quick to point out that their project isn’t meant to offend anyone.

“We’re not suggesting infertile people announce their deepest struggle with a silly meme,” they write. “Nor are we making fun of pregnant people. We’ve just found that laughing at our problems sometimes makes them feel smaller, and couldn’t resist the chance to poke fun at infertility.”

So far, the comments on their photos have all been positive, with plenty of infertile couples thanking them for sharing their honest and very relatable perspective.

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