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Mom Gives Birth on Facebook Live

Photograph by Facebook

Birthing videos on the internet aren’t exactly a new thing, but broadcasting them on Facebook Live? This is definitely new territory.

Fakamalo Kihe Eiki of Carmichael, Calif., broadcasted his wife’s 19-hour labor and delivery between Sunday and Monday. The final video, posted on Monday morning, chronicles her last few sets of contractions and the baby actually being born.

Was this part of their birth plan or just spontaneous? We don't know, but we were definitely watching and cheering her on. (We may have even been counting and breathing through her contractions with her.)

If you want to skip straight to the birth in the video, the baby arrives about 37 minutes in.

And, in case you're wondering, there's nothing "inappropriate" that can be seen in the footage. But you do get to experience the waiting, the chaos of contractions, the nervousness, the nurses joking around about catching the baby ... all that good stuff.

The dad even jokes about wanting an epidural too. "She's having a baby and she yells at me more at home than having a baby, which is kind of weird," he laughs, somewhere around the six-minute mark.

The sweetest part is when you can hear daddy sniffling from behind the camera as his newborn cries. Happy birthday, baby!

Would you live broadcast your baby's birth?

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