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This Surprise Adoption Video Is So Sweet, We Have No Words

Photograph by Megan Gentry

A recent video of a surprise adoption doesn't need any words to make you cry. The reactions of different family members alone speak volumes, and their expressions radiate so much joy you can't help but want to know the story behind the adoption.

Lacey and Banks Farris have gone through a lot before becoming parents to the surprise gift in the video: a 1-month-old baby girl named Finley.

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The couple, from North Hollywood, Calif., tried to get pregnant for years when finally in 2012, Lacey found out she was pregnant with a girl, who she named Poppy. But at 20 weeks pregnant, Lacey's water broke and Poppy died at birth.

"It was the hardest thing we've had to go through," 28-year-old Lacey told People magazine. "I held Poppy, and I'm grateful for that. It put a face to my grief."

Then after trying two rounds of intrauterine insemination in 2015, Lacey and Banks (29) decided to pursue open adoption. But this first adoption didn't pan out because the biological parents decided to parent the baby. While hurt, Lacey said she understood. What was really hard, though, were the questions from her family.

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So this time, the couple decided to keep the adoption private until they were certain. Ten days after Finley was born, on April 18, Lacey and Banks decided to take the baby on a road trip to surprise family in Tennessee, Alabama and Arizona. What resulted was this video, and lots and lots of empty tissue boxes.

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