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12-Year-Old Proves Anti-Vaxxers Wrong in Just 2 Minutes

After carefully studying the link between autism and vaccines, 12-year-old Marco Arturo weighed into the polarizing debate with a video summary of what he learned.

"We've all been lied to by doctors and pharmaceutical companies about vaccines. And after a lot of research, I realized that vaccines do and will cause autism," Arturo starts. "Every single bit of evidence that is in the observable universe that vaccines do cause autism is inside of this folder."

What unfolds though is one of the awesomest internet trolls of all time. Arturo brings the real facts to light about how vaccines have helped (including the eradication of small pox) and the far-reaching consequences of not vaccinating children. And wait 'til you get to the end!

The video, posted last week, has been shared more than 5 million times. Even Ashton Kutcher chimed in, "Hopefully this settles things."

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