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Kid Levels Lego Structure, Leaves Carnage in Tiny Bricks

Kind of a bad week of kids behaving badly. In the U.S., a child got into the gorilla area at a zoo and the impossible situation ended with the death of a silverback. In China, the carnage was comprised of little plastic Lego bricks that had been masterfully built into an person-sized figurine of the Nick the fox from Disney's "Zootopia."

Just an hour after the Lego EXPO in Ningbo, Zhejiang Province, China opened, the fox figure, valued at $15,000, was reduced to rubble. CCTV news reported that the artist spent three days and nights piecing the figure together. He posted images on Weibo, China's Instagram, showing various phases of the human-size figure's creation. The series of images ended with pictures of the Lego pieces everywhere.

Some in the public were outraged by the incident, though, interestingly, the child has not been named or identified. According to Mashable, many called for the child's family to pay Mr. Zhao, the artist, the 100,000 yuan, which is said to have been the figure's value—back when it looked like something other than your living room floor. But Mr. Zhao was satisfied, though heartbroken, with the sincere apology from the parents of the kid who pushed the whole thing over, which garnered the event international attention.

The child is thought to be 4 or 5 years old, something Mr. Zhao seems to get. “The child did not intend to break it,” he insisted to the Beijing Youth Daily.

Outrage online has many questioning whether kids belong in museums. Others think maybe Mr. Zhao should have applied a little coat of glue to the finished design.

Taking both incidents into account, the zoo and this Lego thing, perhaps doing the age-old parental trope of making sure anything vulnerable is out of reach of kids is the best way to go.

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