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Candidate Hillary Clinton Gets a Ryan Gosling 'Hey'

Ryan Gosling, the guy who put the "girl" in "Hey Girl," has thrown his support behind Hillary Clinton for president. What's the allure? Well, she's a woman, he told the Evening Standard via Time. "I think it needs a woman’s touch," he said.

Gosling's pretty sure women are better than men and that men are here to support women.

He'll get no argument around here. Everyone needs to pull some weight in a partnership! But for Gosling, it goes beyond obligation, duty and expectations. It's having the right category of people doing what they were meant to do.

He also told an Evening Standard reporter that women are "stronger and more evolved." He cites as evidence the single mother who raised him, his sisters, his wife Eva Mendes and also his two daughters. “They are better than us," he says of females. "They make me better.”

Leaving aside the essentialism that claims one gender is better than the other (most of us would hate to hear men are better/stronger/more evolved than women), we'll take his sweeping generalization as it was intended: to say to women he doesn't look down on them. He certainly gets what we want to hear, which our meme-stuffed social media feeds have been reminding us for years.

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Photographs by: BaconWrapped Media

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