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Mom of Baby Being Bullied Switches It Up on Haters

Photograph by Instagram

While everyone's talking about superstar point guard Steph Curry, leading up to the NBA finals Game 3, Instagram fans have their eyes on 'Stuff Curry,' also known as one of the cutest babies known to mankind.

Landon Benton is only 10 months old, and he already has an Instagram following of almost 70,000 followers (and growing)! Turns out, there's an important story to his current nickname; thanks to his mom, Jessica Benton, it's one of the best turnovers of all time.


"Kind people are my kinda people!" (Tee from @bigskybabyco) #STUFFCURRY #babylandonlee

When a college football player posted a picture of Landon on his social media months ago, he also encouraged his followers to make up nicknames for the baby. What came up were things like "diababies" and "Stuff Curry."

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After learning that the latter name was based on Stephen Curry, Jessica decided to own the insult.

"I thought, 'OK, the guy has green eyes, curly hair, fair skin. If they made a Cabbage Patch doll of him, it would look like Landon,'" Jessica told Today. "I was like, 'Yeah, we're Stuff Curry, because Steph Curry is not a bad-looking guy.'"


Back to reality! Living carefree. That's what being a baby is all about. 👶🏽 #Babylandonlee #STUFFCURRY . Wearing: Romper @tenandtwodesigns Moccasins @sweetnswag

So she embraced the name and hashtagged all his photos on all social networks with #stuffcurry so the channels would be filled with positive images of her baby.


Just found out that #stuffcurry and #crybabylebron won't be on Sunday night but will be on again before game 3 -4. Just an FYI. #babylandonlee

When critics judge her parenting, she waves them off, knowing that she's doing the best for her baby, who is breastfed and eats fresh or pureed fruits and veggies and few processed foods.


Even while traveling #Babylandonlee eats the breakfast of a king. Pancake, avacado and banana. 🍌 #STUFFCURRY

Stopping the bullying (both the attacks on her and her son) is an especially personal cause for Jessica, who lost her 20-year-old son Kevin to suicide when she was pregnant with Landon. While Kevin wasn't bullied in high school, he complained about classmates saying mean things to him at 16.

"You sit back and think, if I could have changed something to have him here now, what could have it been? That's what sticks in my head—the negative, rude comments," she said.

Mama, just know you're awesome and we're on your team!

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