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Can You Guess Which Celeb This Baby Looks Like?

The internet is all fired up over an adorable baby boy who could practically be a doppelgÀnger for a certain hot-tempered celebrity chef. The perfectly tousled hair, the icy-blue glare, the tiny grimace ... have you guessed it yet?

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Yup, that's right, little Arlo-Blue of Cardiff, Wales, bears a startling resemblance to famed British chef Gordon Ramsay. It's so uncanny, in fact, that his mom hilariously Tweeted at Ramsay, pondering if the towheaded babe was actually his.

And much to her (and the rest of the world's) delighted surprise, Ramsay actually responded:

But Ramsay wasn't done there.

And then to really drive the point home:

"Poor kid"?! We're sure his mom wouldn't be too sad if Baby Ramsay grew up to cook her mouthwatering meals every holiday and owned a bunch of restaurants (minus the fiery temper, of course).

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