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It's Happily Ever After for the 'Hot Dog Princess'

Photograph by Twitter

If you haven't heard about the "Hot Dog Princess" yet, don't worry. You can ketchup here!

Ainsley Turner, the 5-year-old from North Carolina and the internet's latest hero, attended her dance class' "Princess Day" at Holly Springs Dance Studio as—you guessed it—a hot dog,while everyone else donned skirts and frills.

Don't get her wrong, she loves princesses, but she wanted to be original. So according to her dance instructors, she wore a princess outfit underneath her bun-tastic costume so she could be a princess on the inside.

"She literally took the hot dog off for 10 minutes to cool down in the middle of class and then it went right back on,” Grayson LaMontagne, Ainsley’s dance teacher, told Fox 8 News.

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Fans everywhere continue to praise the HDP for her confidence and thinking outside the box. And let's be frank, we all wish we were as cool.

Ainsley was even featured on a few fashion magazines and as a Lego princess:


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One of our favorite Hot Dog Princess spin-offs is Comedy Central's remake of Disney princess movies.

We'll just leave this Alad-dinner version here. It's a real wiener!

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