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Mom’s Letter to Doctor Who Told Her to Abort Baby With Down Syndrome

Photograph by Facebook

Courtney Baker waited more than 15 months to respond to the perinatologist who suggested that she abort her baby with Down syndrome. The reason for Baker’s delay? She understood the letter’s importance, and wanted it to be perfect. “Just like Emmy,” she wrote, referring to her daughter, Emersyn.

When Baker was just 12 weeks pregnant, she and her husband Matt learned that the girl they were expecting had Down syndrome. While blindsided by the news, the Central Florida couple told Today that they never considered any option other than keeping their baby.

But the perinatologist they were advised to see offered a different opinion. “He suggested we abort, due to how low our quality of life would be, and [hers], as well,” said Courtney.

Although the Bakers continued to see the specialist, Courtney admits in her letter that she and Matt dreaded their appointments. “The most difficult time in my life was made nearly unbearable because you never told me the truth.” she wrote. “My child was perfect.”

Courtney goes on to explain that she’s not angry or bitter. Instead, she’s sad.

“I’m sad that you were so very wrong to say that a baby with Down syndrome would decrease our quality of life,” she writes. “And I’m heartbroken that you might have said that to a mommy even today. But I’m mostly sad that you’ll never have the privilege of knowing my daughter, Emersyn.”

She ends her letter with these words to her former doctor: “My prayer is when you see that next baby with Down syndrome lovingly tucked in her mother’s womb, you will look at that mommy and see me, then tell her the truth …‘Your child is absolutely perfect.’”

While we can’t say for sure whether or not the Bakers’ perinatologist has read the letter (though our hunch is he has), one thing is certain: Courtney’s very important message has gone viral, clearly resonating with thousands.

Read the full letter here:

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