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Woman Verbally Assaulted for Breastfeeding Baby at a Target

A Tarrington, Conn., mom stirred up fury recently when a man called her out for breastfeeding her baby in the snack area of Target. Jesse Maher caught most of the exchange on video and posted it to her Facebook page, which has prompted a lot of comments about her right to feed her baby wherever she wants to.

The video shows that Target shoppers came to her defense, and the store's employees worked together to keep the incident from escalating. One woman let her protective instincts possibly get the best of her as she positioned herself between Maher and the increasingly angry man.

It all started when the man came in to order food at the counter. Maher says he looked at her, got visibly angry and eventually addressed the situation. On camera, we see him demanding a refund for his food then walking over to the adjacent Starbucks to demand it again. "Now!" At this point, some Target employees meet him over at the counter.

"That's when he started screaming at me," Maher told reporters, saying he called her "nasty," "disgusting" and "whore."

When another woman came by to check up on Maher, the nursing mom told her, "Because I'm feeding my baby, this man is going crazy." The nameless supporter says, "It's OK. You shouldn't be ashamed at feeding your baby. If he doesn't like it, he can go."

Then the shopper goes on the offense, kind of egging the guy on by telling him he's wrong. There's some talk of "whoring," which doesn't make a lot of sense, but if you've ever been shamed for breastfeeding in public, there's a bit of catharsis, anyway.

It was Maher's friend Lisa Falkner who encouraged her to stand up for other moms and post the scene on Facebook. In fact, Falkner showed up the next day and recorded her own video, this one promoting her spa business and showing $50 gift certificates, which she planned to hand to the Target employees who helped her friend.

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