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So This Is What Dads Do When Baby's Finally Asleep

Getting your baby to finally sleep is one thing. Not waking the little one up with sudden movements is a whole other problem.

Patrick Quinn was caught in this dilemma when his 3-week-old son Maxton fell asleep on his lap. Afraid to move, Quinn spotted an abandoned bowl of Cheerios near him (thanks Maxton's older brother!) and decided to balance one on the baby's nose.

And then he tried two, then three, constantly accidentally toppling it over from laughing, until he finally got to five gloriously stacked Cheerios.

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Photograph by Life of Dad

Quinn, who manages social accounts for parenting site Life of Dad, then issued the Cheerio Stack Challenge. All weekend long, dads everywhere got to work, trying to one-up each other by seeing who can stack the tallest tower. I mean, if that's how you want to spend Father's Day, we're not complaining!


This is amazing! One of the best #cheeriochallenge we've seen so far, shared on our Facebook page. Can you beat this? If you have, tag us in your picture, we'd love to see it 😊 #baby #toddler #parenting #parenthood #motherhood

How can you not burst out laughing?!


Double tap if this is what you did for #fathersday. (via @greenaaker)

Some dads got super creative and didn't keep the stacks to Baby's head.


#cheeriochallenge #32

But really we think we have a winner here.

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