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This Toddler Won't Let Go of These Diapers for the Best Reason

Photograph by Twitter

A viral tweet of a toddler hugging a pack of diapers proves that actions speak louder than words.

Ben Bennett, the heart-melting 1-year-old pictured, grew attached to the diapers because he was certain the baby on the package was him. The whole thing is just. so. cute.

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Photograph by Twitter

His mom, Rose Bennett, went to Walmart with her mother-in-law to buy diapers, only to find out that they were out of the ones Ben usually wears: Parent's Choice size four. So, this time, she bought size 5.

Little did she know that when she changed Ben's diapers the next morning, Ben would look at the new baby on the packaging and immediately say, "Ben."

"No, Ben, that's not you!" Bennett said.

"Ben!" he responded and went to hug the boy on the diapers.

“I think he became so attached because he’s never seen another baby that looks like him on packaging for diapers,” Bennett told Huffington Post. “He was very happy with his new ‘friend’ and continues to drag the diapers around the house.”

She adds that "representation is more important than we think." It's necessary for kids to continually see people who look like them—whether in the packaging on diapers or in doll form.

"When you grow up, seeing very little representation of yourself, you tend to think you're 'other.' Not because you are, necessarily, but because that's what you see—or rather what you don't see—presented to you," mom.me contributor Margaret Jacobson wrote about American Girl dolls earlier this year. "When my daughter flips through the magazine, the girls she sees are white—they aren't tan or brown like she is. When I saw Addy in the catalog for the first time, I felt elated. I felt seen. I felt like I mattered."

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Ben's simple hug in the tweet, which has been retweeted more than 12,000 times and liked more than 23,000 times, really does have a huge message.

The pampers "are not marketed towards me," Bennett told ABC News. "I’m not looking at the child on the package. I’m looking at the price, but Ben cares. It’s the first time he's looked at the package and knows it’s a baby."

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