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Dad Learns The Hard Way How to Dress His Daughter

Photograph by Facebook

Move over Janet Jackson, there’s a new wardrobe malfunction queen in town!

Brooke Hawley-Basso’s husband Jeremy was in charge of getting their 7-month-old daughter, Olivia, dressed and dropped off at daycare. When mom picked Olivia up, she was surprised to see her baby wearing nothing but a diaper and a pair of overalls… with no shirt!

As Brooke told Today Parents, she assumed that there was a diaper accident and they removed her shirt. But when she asked about it, the daycare provider laughed and told her that her husband had brought Olivia in that way in the morning.

“We all just laughed about it,” Brooke said.

Brooke shared the hilarious story accompanied by a photo of Olivia and a screen shot of her text message exchange with her husband on the Ellen Degeneres Show’s Facebook page, and plenty of other moms hopped into the comments to share how their partners have also had baby-dressing fails and other mishaps (including one about accidentally spraying bleach in their kid’s hair because dad mistook the bleach spray bottle for water—eek!) that made us cringe.

And although the sanctimommies made an appearance, most moms who commented could identify with similar stories. Plenty of moms shared how their husbands accidentally dressed the baby in clothing that belonged to dolls or stuffed animals.

In fact, we were a little disturbed by how common it actually seems to be for dads to accidentally mix up "Build a Bear" and other stuffed animal clothing...

As one mom wrote:

"I went out for a girls night when our daughter was a baby and my husband put 'Build a Bear' clothes on the baby. I could see the hole where the tail of the stuffed animal was supposed to go."

Some other gems shared by moms:

"One of my neighbors once told me that they could always tell when I was working," wrote one mom, "because [the kids'] clothes were always mismatched."

"I left for work early so my husband had to dress my daughter and get her ready for daycare," another mom shared. "At the time, we were potty training her. When I picked her up that evening, the daycare said she only had one accident in her Victoria's Secret panties. Victoria's Secret panties do not look the same as training panties! I was mortified!"

What did Jeremy have to say for himself? When Brooke asked him if he sent Olivia to daycare without a shirt on, and pointed out that overalls are supposed to be worn with a shirt underneath, he was nonplussed.

“Uhm,” he texted back to his wife, "I gotta plead ignorance here.” Here’s to doing better next time, dad!

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