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The Reason This Soccer Star Was Internet Shamed Is Total BS

Sydney Leroux is an awesome soccer diva. She was part of the U.S. national team that won an Olympic gold medal during the 2012 Olympics, and she also captured the FIFA World Cup in 2015. She recently posted a sweet photo to her Instagram account of her and her husband blissfully tubing on a lake.

The outing and photo both sound innocent, don't they? And look... seriously, HOW CUTE ARE THEY?


Beautiful day on the lake! ☀️😘

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Unfortunately, the internet trolls came out in full force, as the Kansas City Star reports, because Sydney is pregnant and holy crap she's going to totally murder her baby while her husband sits idly by her side. I took a look at the comments, and while it looks like the majority of the horrific garbage has been thankfully deleted, there are still a few there that question her sanity or who blatantly say she's going to kill her baby.

Look, I get it. People love to police pregnant women, and they also adore saying what they can and cannot do. You don't have to be a huge international sports star to come under the scrutiny of a well-meaning (but totally rude) person on the subject of what you choose to do while you're pregnant. The list of "can and cannot dos" for pregnant women seems to be a mile long, and these rules also seems to change often. Of course we all want to keep healthy during pregnancy, but by and large, we're all big girls who can work together with our medical providers and do what's best for ourselves and our babies.

And really, have you ever been on a boat? Have you ever gone tubing? If the boat towing the tube was going fast, there's little chance that she and her husband would be able to lay back and relax. She isn't at risk of popping out of the tube, and chances are the boat is simply idling along instead of revving up and sending the pair out into the abyss.

Sydney read the comments on her cute picture and replied in kind, basically telling people to butt out and let her enjoy her pregnancy in the way she deems appropriate.


It's unfortunate that I have to say something but after a number of comments like: 'you're going to give birth to a dead fetus' or 'you just killed your baby' I have to remind you that this is MY body. MY body is the body that is creating life. MY body is the one that has stretch marks and cellulite and varicose veins and sore hips and back pain that runs down my legs. MY body is the body that is tired and sore and emotional and the happiest it's ever been. So if I want to jump in a pool, go on a tube and slowly ride around with my husband, dance like an idiot or work out I am absolutely going to. Leave your awful comments to yourself and let me enjoy MYSELF and MY body the way I want to.

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People often suck, and people on the internet tend to suck even more, not realizing or caring that a real human being is on the other end of their raging diatribes. So some dumbass says (incorrectly) that pregnant women shouldn't go on boats (yes, someone actually wrote that)? Who cares. They're wrong and they should take their ill-informed "advice" somewhere else, and they should definitely keep their ridiculous opinions to themselves.

Sydney is glorious, and all moms-to-be can join her in solidarity because of that one time Aunt Marge said we shouldn't raise our hands above our heads because the umbilical cord will strangle our babies.

We get you, Sydney. Enjoy your lake and your husband and above all, never read the comments.

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