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The Postpartum Underwear Photo That's Going Viral

Move over, Victoria's Secret Angels, there's a new underwear model in town!

We all know having a baby isn't exactly the most glamorous business. And the postpartum stuff? Well, some of it is just so downright undignified that we've got to laugh to keep from crying. (Hello, hormones!) That's exactly what North Carolina mom Amanda Bacon did when she posted this so-real-it-hurts photo from her hospital room after giving birth to her second child.

Bacon's Facebook post, titled "Motherhood uncensored," explains how she's trying to normalize the entire postpartum experience—mesh underwear and all.

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And clearly her raw image is resonating with moms everywhere. The post currently has almost half a million likes and over 119,000 shares.

Bacon shares with Today, "The mother holding their beautiful newborn baby and everybody smiles, and Kate Middleton, fresh out of the hospital, looking great, feeling great. When in reality, it's not like that. There's a whole other side of it that nobody talks about."

The other side—of massive pads bigger than you could ever imagine, disposable underwear and the fear of going poop, for example.

And, according to Bacon, the entire postpartum process isn't something to be embarrassed about. "It's like an invisible notch on your badge of motherhood that we all go through," she says.

The entire "beautiful but messy" birth experience is worth celebrating—from start to finish.

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