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Our Jaws Dropped While Watching This Baby Work Out

Photograph by Twenty20

If you're bemoaning the baby weight, this toddler just might be the fitspiration you're looking for.

In this viral video, Charlie Magilavy, now also known as Baby Balboa, follows along with his favorite boxer. He follows everything in the training montage, from jumping rope to pumping iron. We almost died when he was doing one-handed push-ups along with Rocky.

Charlie's dad, Zack Magilavy, posted the video on Facebook last week, and it now has more than 1.2 million views. "It brings a smile to our face every time he asks to "work out with Rocky." He takes his workouts very seriously," he writes. Magilavy also notes that he doesn't allow Charlie the fight scenes and his TV time is very limited.

The impressive tot has been training for the last year to the 2.5-minute clip. Watch him kick some serious ass:

Between this cute video and the Pokémon Go craze (which we think is a secret ploy to get everyone walking), it's hard not to get pumped and want to run up the Rocky Steps. Well, maybe. But just in case, maybe we should watch this video one more time.

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