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Who's Ready to Swim in a Pool of Sprinkles?

Photograph by Instagram

If you're driving yourself insane thinking up how to keep the kids entertained for the summer, you can chill out now. Because in just a few weeks, you and the family will be able to swim in a pool of rainbow sprinkles.

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Yes. A pool of sprinkles.

But that's not it! For the month that the Museum of Ice Cream is open, between July 29 and Aug. 31, visitors in New York can enjoy "edible balloons, an immersive chocolate room and a collaborative, massive ice cream sundae." There will also be the playground of your—I mean, your kids'—dreams. Swing on a giant ice cream sandwich, seesaw on an ice cream scooper and taste some gourmet ice cream, which included in your admission fee (admission for one adult is $18, two adults is $30, and children under 10 and senior citizens is $12).

But for those of us stuck on the other coast, we'll just have to nurse our serious case of FOMO by drooling over the museum's Instagram feed. Here's just a taste of it.

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