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Forget 'Pokemon Go,' Moms Swarm Parks and Streets for Chardonnay

Keep your "Pokémon Go," kids and adults with (literal) boundaries issues. Moms would rather play this game: "Chardonnay Go."

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The fruit forward twist on the augemented reality favorite, "Chardonnay Go" is the creation of Dena Blizzard, comedian, mom and creator of "One Funny Mother," an off-Broadway show that also doesn't feature Pikachu or the ever elusive Aerodactyl. What Blizzard does, instead, is track down glasses of Chardonnay under bushes, in neighborhood front yards and a bottle inside some guy's shorts.

The video has more than 14 million views since it went live a week ago.

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Don't shoot the messenger but VR wine app isn't actually real. Also not real? A forthcoming version featuring Pinot Noir. You'll have to take edge off with the tears of all those overwalked dogs. Clearly, Ninetendo needs to get on this great untapped wine-barrel-in-an-app market.

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