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Viral Facebook Post Changes the Life of One Mom in Nice, France

A mom whose 8-month-old baby was lost during the horrific events in Nice, France, on July 14, turned to the internet in desperation—and the internet answered in full force.

After a truck drove through a crowd of people on Bastille Day, killing 84 onlookers, a mother was separated from her baby who was sitting in a stroller at the time. One of the unidentified mom's friends, Yohlaine Ramasitera, immediately started posting on social media to see if anyone could provide any leads to the baby.

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Ramasitera posted a note on Facebook along with a picture of her and the missing baby, "If you see this child: contact me. Blue stroller." One of her friends, Rebecca Boulanger, saw the post and shared a post with an urgent message to her followers:

Another friend, Tiava Banner, posted her own urgent plea, as well. Their posts were immediately shared thousands of times around Facebook. A few hours later, the many pleas for help were rewarded with a happy ending.

Boulanger, a pastor, tells the Huffington Post, “Social media has been used for a lot of bad things as well, but I really believe that technology can be good and used to share hope and to encourage people during this very traumatic time.”

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Photograph by Facebook/Yohlaine Ramasitera

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