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Why This Photo of an Enterprise Employee and Baby Is Going Viral

Photograph by Facebook

As one Oklahoma mom of twins knows, things can get tricky and overwhelming when it's you versus two babies.

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Left without a vehicle after a hit and run, Coty Vincent (mom of twin 11-month-old sons) had to rent a car. Enterprise employee John Goodlett picked her up from her home and took her to the car rental office. When they arrived, the mom asked Goodlett to help her hold one of the twins since she didn't have a double stroller.

Goodlett didn't hesitate and held one of the boys while she took the other. Inside the office, instead of handing the baby back to Vincent and letting her deal with two babies herself, he continued to process her order while holding the baby "like a champ, like he's done it his whole life," Vincent told Today. "I can't even multitask that good."

That's when Vincent snapped a photo of Goodlett—a photo that she first posted in some of her "moms of twins" Facebook groups, and later on her personal page. The post on her page now has more than 25,000 shares and 234,000 reactions.

Photograph by Facebook

He's "one of the most compassionate and caring people I've ever met. We need more people like John, who go that extra step. Be a John. #BeAJohn," Vincent wrote.

Soon after, the love and praise of the employee's kind act just kept pouring in through the comments.

"Why am I crying right now, the world would be such a better place if we cared," wrote one follower.

"I was extremely grateful to people who held doors open for me when I was pushing that twin stroller," another mom shared. "I promised myself I would ALWAYS hold the door open for anyone pushing a stroller or handicap in any way. Love this guy!!!!"

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Many also called on Enterprise to reward Goodlett for being an employee who went above and beyond. After the company got wind of what Goodlett did, they offered him a gift card for his service, but he chose to donate the money to a local Boys and Girls Club run by the Salvation Army for scholarship money and new sports equipment. The company also gave Vincent a double stroller to help make traveling around in the future easier.

"I'm still blown away. It just makes you wonder: What did I do so special?" Goodlett, who is also a twin, told Today. "But I hope it helps get the message out that this is the way people are supposed to treat each other every day. We could all help each other and be a little friendlier."

Photograph by Facebook

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