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Quietly Subversive (and Cute!) Hashtag We All Need

Comedy writer Heben Nigatu created a fabulous hashtag exactly when we needed it: #carefreeblackkids. It's a simple idea with a powerful message and a collection of really cute photos. writer Claudya Martinez wrote about the hashtag on her website, saying "It has been incredibly hard to remain hopeful after the fatal shootings of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile by police officers and then the horrible misguided shooting of police officers in Dallas. Our eyes and souls have been ambushed by horror. So, thank you, Heben Nigatu, for reminding us all that there is joy to be preserved, to be built upon, to be protected and grown."

Coming off a year of #OscarsSoWhite, and with a lack of diversity in Hollywood and media, something as simple as pictures of cute kids can be a huge wake-up call and will go far in counteracting negative stereotypes of people of color—including children.

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Big kids too!

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