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App Helps Moms Bond With Their Newborns

Photograph by Twenty20

Here's the Hollywood version of the mother-baby bond: The doctor shouts, "It's a girl!" and hands a newborn to the smiling mom. Everything is soft-focus while angels descend, singing aria in the key of C major. The awesome and intense connection between mother and child is instant. Mom suddenly knows the meaning of love like never before.

The reality for a significant number of moms, however, is: Wow, that came out of me? Now what?

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An immediate bond doesn't happen automatically, contrary to what women (and men) are told and often expect. You can do all the skin-to-skin contact you want, but sometimes that bonding and connection take days, weeks or even months to kick in.

Parent expert and nurse Jen Hamilton thinks parents can use help working toward that bond, so she created an app for iPhones to do just that. Called WOTBaby, she describes it to the Daily Mail U.K. as a "midwife in your pocket," one that helps parents in those tough early days.

According to the app's description, WOTBaby is "designed to guide new parents and caregivers through the first 6 months of parenting. Providing windows of time guidelines (WOT) to guide parents with age appropriate information regarding feeding, sleeping, settling, resettling and play. The app educates and guides caregivers through management of feeding and routine establishment providing the unique option flowcharts for settling. It gives new parents confidence with management of sleeping for their infant."

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Sure, the app is no replacement for consulting one's doctor about postpartum depression, which can also interrupt the mom-baby bond—so be sure you and your partner understand the signs of PPD and talk to your doctor about any symptoms you may have.

WOTBaby also sounds like a less fussy way to record all that baby book info you know you want to record but probably won't. You can post baby's developmental milestones and follow the app's recommedations for getting through daily new baby challenges. It costs $2.99.

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