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This Nursery Is Every 'Harry Potter'-Loving Parent's Dream

Photograph by Facebook

An Illinois couple created a "Harry Potter"-themed nursery so impressive, we're pretty sure they're secretly wizards.

Parents Casey and Kaycee Daniel (yes, you read that right) enlisted 3-D artist Nate Baranowski, who completed the magical room for 7-month-old Finley in just five days.

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Everything in the nursery looks like it belongs in Hogwarts. Just look at that fantastic window mural. (Tip: We found a Maurader's Map pillow like the one they used. You're welcome.)

Photograph by Facebook

And those house banners? We thought they were real at first but swear they're painted!

Photograph by Facebook

AND this wall of portraits?! It's detailed AF and looks as if it could come to life, just like in the movies! Dumbledore would be proud.

Photograph by Facebook

Finley is one lucky baby who is destined to be a Potterhead, thanks to his dad. When Casey found out his wife was pregnant, all the "Harry Potter" fan wanted was a HP-themed nursery.

“But I didn’t want to do something cheesy, so I was thinking in my mind we could do more like a generic castle," mom Kaycee told ABC News. "He was showing me some ideas on Pinterest and I was slowly coming around to the idea and finally said, ‘OK, I could come around to this.’”

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And we're so glad she did. Because as Kaycee's viral Facebook photo posts show, the world is craving more magic. And even if you don't know what a muggle is, it doesn't take much to appreciate the genius of 3-D painting. Parents can transform a space entirely without having to worry about baby-proofing decorations.

Because, oh man, do we wish we could just wave a wand to baby-proof everything.

Photographs by Kristi Lee

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