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Toddler Caught Eating Chocolate-Themed Makeup and Her Face Is Priceless

Photograph by Twitter

Ugh, don't you just hate it when you mistake your eyeshadow palette for chocolate? That's what this 1-year-old in South El Monte, Calif., did. And, as a viral photo shows, she clearly regretted it.

Lauren Rincon caught her niece Kaitlyn eating her Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette, and the 18-year-old tweeted the devastating aftermath, not knowing whether to laugh or cry. (We did both.)

It's OK, little Kaitlyn, we get it. Life's too short. Sometimes that chocolate craving kicks in and you can't help but dig right into the first chocolaty thing you see. The Chocolate Bar palette, with its 16 cocoa powder-infused shades and names like Milk Chocolate, Champagne Truffle and Gilded Ganache, looked liked chocolate and smelled like chocolate, so it must be chocolate.

In case you're wondering, Rincon's baby is OK:

The other baby is OK, too.

Rincon eased commenters' concerns, saying that Too Faced confirmed there aren't any harmful ingredients in the palette, and poison control said she was fine (if she ate a large amount, she might get diarrhea, at most).

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And even better news? Rincon tweeted that Too Faced is sending her another Chocolate Bar palette. Fingers crossed that Kaitlyn learned her lesson and won't be going for seconds.

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