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Courteney Cox Reveals Regret That Made Her Look 'Horrible'

Photograph by Ray Tang/LNP/REX/Shutterstock

Courteney Cox is done keeping up with the Joneses.

During a taping of "Running Wild With Bear Grylls," the actress spoke about her struggle to keep up with women in the entertainment industry as she has aged.

"Getting older is not the easiest thing. But I have learned lessons," the 52-year-old told the show's host. "I was trying to keep up with getting older and trying to chase that. It's something you can't keep up with. The more you relax with it and the less you try."

The results of trying to do much weren't always the best, she said.

"Sometimes you find yourself trying and then you look at a picture of yourself and you go 'oh god, I look horrible,'" she said. "I have done things that I regret and luckily there are things that dissolve and go away. So that's good because it's not always been my best look."

She said she now lives by a simple motto: let it be.

The former "Friends" star said she doesn't mind being famous and she wouldn't change anything about it, other than a few mean messages on social media. In listening to this, Bear told her that she looked amazing without makeup.

"Certain parts about getting older are fantastic, watching my daughter, [Coco] go through the game of life," she said. "She's just turned 12 and I see so much of myself in her. I'm glad that I've been through it and learned enough now to help her go through things that are hard."

Speaking of hard, there are few things that Courteney has done that have been more difficult than dining with Bear in the Irish wilderness. At one point she is seen with sheep scrotum full of maggots.

"I could give you the Irish menu," he says in a teaser. "Birds if you can catch em, worms (lots of), bugs, grubs, insects, flies, crickets, caterpillars."

The actress asks, "What are grubs?," before following up her question with, "I would rather eat grass than any of the things you just named."

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