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Mom's Viral C-Section Post With Pics Shuts Down Those Who Judge

Photograph by Getty Images

There is no easy way to give birth, and Missouri mom Raye Lee doesn't want to hear your vaginal versus C-section throwdowns.

Since Lee gave birth to her son Roxas earlier this month via C-section, from which she is still recovering, she's heard plenty about how she took "the easy route" to becoming a mom.

Major abdominal surgery, Lee wrote in post that has gone viral on Facebook, is never easy.

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The young mom is alternately sarcastic and heartfelt as she makes the case that she did, indeed, give birth. She writes that her emegency C-section was not—and still isn't—easy. She wants readers to know that no one has the right to diminish her or other women who have experienced birth other than vaginally.

"Having a shrieking infant pulled out of an incision that is only 5 inches long, but is cut and shredded and pulled until it rips apart through all of your layers of fat, muscle and organs (which they lay on the table next to your body, in order to continue to cut until they reach your child) is a completely different experience than I had imagined my son's birth to be.

This was not pleasant. It still isn't."

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Lee's post and images of her post-operative C-section belly have been shared nearly 25,000 times and garnered more than 37,000 likes. Her viral post is resonating with moms and families everywhere, with comments from others responding with empathy, horror and their own stories of the ridiculous things people say to women who have just had a baby.

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