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For All the Moms Who Caved and Got a Minivan

Photograph by Youtube

There's a long list of things many women vow to never do as moms, like leave the house without showering, go for more than a week without sex or even let the kids eat off the floor. Usually at the top of that list? Never, ever get a minivan.

But, in reality, all those expectations go out the window in a hot second when you're a parent. And one hilarious video shows just how empty that last promise is when you have a growing family and some serious junk to carry in your trunk.

In a hilarious remix of Montell Jordan's "This Is How We Do It," the new parody "Never Thought I'd Do It" gives us all the reasons we give into getting the "mom car." The infamous moms behind The Texting Yoga Pants sing a slew of reasons we just can't argue with: "I sold out to all the leg room. I press a magical button. The doors they open up. No more jacking up the cars next to us."

There are no truer (and more catchy) words to describe the many perks of owning a minivan, no matter how uncool it looks. Seriously, check out this nap pod and haven for you and your mom friends.

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