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Fellow Passenger Helps Pregnant Mom in Kindest Way

Photograph by Facebook

Traveling with kids is the stuff of nightmares. And when they start crying and screaming? Cue the glares and rude comments. Some parents feel so bad they even make goodie bags for the other passengers.

But miraculously, that's not what happened on a Southwest Airlines flight from Minneapolis to Atlanta earlier this month.

When one pregnant mom's 20-month-old son was growing fussy, instead of spouting rude comments, the stranger seated next to them offered to help soothe the toddler so she could rest. He walked up and down the aisle throughout most of the flight calming little Luke down.

Another passenger, Andrea Byrd, heard the whole thing and snapped a photo of the man carrying the toddler up and down the aisle. She posted the kind act on Facebook, where there's been at least 128,000 shares so far.

"He did not complain, he just told her that he was a DAD and wanted to help her so she could rest," Byrd wrote. "I was in tears ... not because he was white and she was black ... but because it showed me today that there are still GOOD people out there in a world full of turmoil."

"It was such a relief because I was a little worried traveling with him without my husband there to help out," Monica Nelson, the pregnant mom and teacher, told Today. "I'm still very grateful—he was so kind."

So strangers on planes, take note: Kindness really does go a long way.

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