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Kid Makes Principal's Day for Most Hilarious Reason

Photograph by Facebook

If you’re a mom of boys, this story probably won’t shock you too much. But for the rest of you, hang on to your chair and put down your coffee cup.

Ladye Hobson, a mom in Oklahoma City, got a curious phone call from her son’s principal. At first, Hobson wrote, the principal told her that her son had made her day. She was all excited for whatever good news the principal was about to deliver about how her son Brylan did a good deed or something deserving of a phone call home to mom.

But she wasn’t prepared for what came next.

The principal was calling because faculty members had discovered that Hobson’s son had found a dead squirrel and loaded it into his backpack. (A backpack, by the way, that was brand-new for this school year, had his name embroidered on it and cost $50 at Pottery Barn, to his mother’s chagrin.) It only got better from there.

“When asked by the principal what possessed him to pick up this dead squirrel and store it in his backpack,” Hobson wrote, her son said he wanted to have squirrel dumplings for dinner. So naturally, the principal was calling home to find out if she should actually let the boy bring the dead squirrel home.

"Y'all, I had to explain that we are from the country,” Hobson wrote, "but we're not THAT country."

But that's not even the end of the hilarity. The principal, who Hobson is on a first-name basis with, according to her blog post about the whole incident, asked if she could send a photo because the squirrel "looks so peaceful lying there in his bag." And, Hobson wrote, she was right. But the squirrel was also crawling with bugs and, well, dead, and she was not interested in making squirrel dumplings. So the little guy's final resting place was a dumpster behind the elementary school.

Since posting the hilarious photo on September 21, after only 24 hours, it’s already been shared close to 90,000 times and liked by more than 126,000 people on Facebook. Can you even imagine what you’d do if your kid brought home a dead squirrel?!

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