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60-Year-Old Woman Gives Birth to Twins. Yes, Twins!

It's a shock for any mom when she learns she's expecting twins, but when you're 60, it's probably the biggest surprise of your life.

Claudette Cook and her husband Ross decided to start a family last year, knowing it wouldn't be easy due to Claudette's age. Yet thanks to IVF, the couple were able to get pregnant—with twins, no less.

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Despite many people's shock at the first-time mom's advanced age, Cook tells NBC News, "Age is but a number with God. Plus, I was healthy and in shape. I was like, yes, I know I can do this—I know I can."

And she did.

Cook gave birth to fraternal twins Isaiah—who arrived first—and Issac. Both babies were born healthy, weighing approximately five pounds each about a month before Cook's due date. Since they were born prematurely, they're staying in the hospital for now, but are expected to go home soon.

The new mom shares, "I cried. I was like, you know, you look at TV and you see other people in the delivery room and you're like, 'oh my goodness.' And, it was me. ... It was so sweet," Claudette said while holding her husband Ross's hand. "Everything changed in that moment. Once they're born, your life changes."

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