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Will Ivanka Trump's New Motherhood Ad Help Her Dad Win Over Moms?

Photograph by Youtube

With so much of the post-debate chatter focused on taxes and fat-shaming a former Miss Universe, the real issues seem to have been forgotten in the fray. One pressing topic for us moms: How will a Donald Trump presidency actually improve our lives?

Does this man, who so readily insults and demeans women, really care about our needs? His campaign is clearly hoping a new television ad—featuring the candidate’s ace-in-the-hole, daughter Ivanka—will win over those who are still on the fence about whom to cast their vote for in November.

The ad certainly hits all the right notes. A Trump administration will allegedly bring paid maternity leave, child-care tax credits and subsidies for SAHMs. She promises that her father understands our needs and will change archaic labor laws “so that they support women and American families.” And who wouldn’t agree with the assertion that “the most important job any woman can have is being a mother, and it shouldn’t mean taking a pay cut”?

Ivanka has a way of connecting to her audience in a way her father has never mastered. No bravado, no bullying, no boasting. It’s a conversation, mother to mother. Heartfelt. Genuine. Reasonable. It’s in stark contrast to the persona her father usually portrays. Right now, voters are bombarded with the debate about whether he has cheated the country. (He may have skipped paying taxes for the last 18 years.) Is he too thin-skinned? (He's still so easily baited.) Can he be trusted with nuclear launch codes? (He is notoriously short-tempered.)

The ad will be targeted at female audiences on networks like Lifetime, Bravo and TLC, and will pop up during popular primetime shows such as "Dancing With the Stars" and "Grey’s Anatomy." Will this direct message to mothers be enough to give Trump an edge in the polls? We'll have to wait and see.

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