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Tough Day? This Little Girl's Encouraging Words Will Get You Through It

Photograph by Youtube

If today feels like one of those days when nothing's going right, try these positive mantras from 4-year-old Linda Culpepper.

"You're getting it down."

"You're almost done. You're doing a good job!"

"You're doing great!"

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Linda (who was 3 at the time the viral video was made) cheers on her dad, Derrick Culpepper, as he does her hair in the morning. She is so genuine and so inspiring, you can't help but get pumped and tell yourself, "Heck yes, I am a freakin' fantastic parent! I should win all the awards." Even though the sweet moment was captured in October of last year, Linda's words still strike a chord with parents today (because the struggle is real).

Linda offers kind words to both her dad and mom, Lakisha, who always stresses her positivity for the kids to see.

"That's the way we are around home. We encourage each other and build each other up," Derrick told Buzzfeed.

Although Derrick has been a barber for almost his entire adult life, and the two parents split morning hair duties, the Texas dad notes that he still has trouble with Linda's hair, so his daughter's words keep him encouraged.

Linda, if you ever decide to be a life coach or motivational speaker, sign us up!

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