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'No Excuses' Fit Mom Gains 10 Pounds, Makes Excuses

Photograph by Instagram

Maria Kang, aka Fit Mom, aka the "No Excuses" Mom, has put on 10 pounds.

That wouldn't be news if it hadn't been for her Facebook post a few years ago, where an image of a very lean Kang, posing with her kids, appeared under the question: "What's Your Excuse?"

The working mother of three was called out for fat-shaming and body-image bullying, to which she responded with one of those #sorrynotsorry apologies. Then, we all moved on.

But we haven't quite let the issue drop—and neither has Kang, apparently. She's again making headlines about her body, but this time with a more subdued, body-empathetic message. You see, Kang has put on a little weight. And while she's trying to send a message about body acceptance, she's also—that's right—making excuses.

"Sometimes I can avoid chocolate, recently I can't," she wrote on Instagram. "Sometimes I can train 6 days a week, recently I can't."

Sometimes we can can see the impossibly high standards we have set for ourselves and others—sometimes we can't.

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In a follow-up Instagram post, she writes more about the reaction to the news of her weight gain. Kang is struggling, like so many women, with life, marriage, everything. And fitness, once her top priority—something many mothers wish they could make time for—now ranks much, much lower.

“I stopped feeling beautiful. Like most moms, my hair is always in a bun, my life is always on the go and my fitness goals are always one of my last priorities. I struggled with motivation, I’ve gained some weight and am experiencing difficult marital challenges. I let the world consume me this last year. I let events, people and things influence my perception of myself and I literally felt broken.”

Here's what Kang looked like in her no-excuses phase:

Photograph by Facebook

Here she is now:

And while the schadenfreude is weird, most are writing her comments extending genuine support and kind words. Which means we can finally answer the original question: kindness, caring, generosity—an understanding about the pressures of life. Those concepts are our "excuses."

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