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Now THIS Is How You Get the Kids to Stop Fighting

Photograph by Facebook

Instead of banging your head against the wall when the kids are fighting, why not (and I can't believe I'm saying this in this heated election season) build a wall? An Ohio stay-at-home dad built two of them for his 2-year-old triplets, and parents everywhere are praising his genius life hack.

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Jake White's daughter and two sons (Stella, Jude and Xavier) were fighting in the back seat over snacks (of course) when the dad got sick of it. So he created a set of thin, foam core dividers between each carseat in their Odyssey. It took only about five minutes to install. What ensued was what we can only imagine to be the most beautiful moment of peace.

White posted a photo of his creative hack saying, "And ... no more car fighting. The guys at the drive-thru said it was genius. A day in the life of triplets."

"I really had no idea this was viral material," he told Today. "But now that I look at the combination of components in the photo and the caption, it makes sense why it went viral. Parents get it when it comes to problem solving."

Who wouldn't get this clever work of art? Parents need all the ammo they can get when they're dealing with a kid, let alone three of them.

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