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Grown-Ups Are Crawling Like Babies to Get in Shape

Photograph by Twenty20

Apparently, we can learn a lot about fitness from our babies. Crawling is the new planking, according to some experts.

Chiropractor Justin Klein prescribes the exercise to everyone from out-of-shape new moms to clients recovering from car accidents. He subscribes to the theory touted by Original Strength, a fitness plan that encourages people to move like young children. Crawling is like a reset for your body and is believed to bring back the strength and mobility we have lost in years of adulthood.

Yes, it will look odd for an adult to crawl around outside, but Original Strength co-founder Tim Anderson explains there's a good reason kids learn to crawl before they walk. It helps them develop a healthy gait pattern.

"It should take four limbs to walk," he told the Washington Post. But this is something that adults forget—and experience pain as a result.

It sounds a bit hokey, we know, but these methods are being adopted by health professionals across the country. Even the coaching staff of the Cleveland Cavaliers have adopted the method.

For those hesitant to make like a baby, there's a modified standing version you can start with. Simply walk in place while touching your elbow to the opposite knee.

Though, crawling again is tougher than you may think. You have to keep your head lifted, your gaze high and your movements controlled. Babies do this with ease, but adults are surprisingly really bad at it initially. It can take a lot of coordination for us grown-ups. After practice, however, people typically notice improvements in strength, movement and pain, regardless of age or injury. You can even engage in crawling races.

To encourage the exercise, Klein is hosting a Crawl on the Mall on Saturday October 22, in which participants crawl between the White House and the Washington Monument. It's free for anyone brave enough to get down on all fours in public.

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