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Stranger Chokes 4-Month-Old Baby in Wal-Mart Checkout Line

Photograph by Twenty20

There are certain dangers every parent is constantly on the lookout for. For example, I'm always scanning the floor for choking hazards. And I don't know any mom who isn't leery of strangers lurking near the park. However, no one would be prepared for what Quisha Hill and her 4-month-old endured during a recent shopping trip. While checking out at a local Kansas City, Missouri, Wal-Mart, a man allegedly started choking her infant daughter.

Hill had popped into the store to pick up a few things one morning. It was a typical shopping trip until she was standing in the checkout line.

As she was speaking to the cash register attendant and bagging her groceries, a stranger approached and grabbed the car seat from the shopping cart.

"I'm taking the baby, I'm stealing her. I'm taking her. Call 911," Hill said the man told her.

He then began choking the baby and, at one point, put the car seat on top of his head as though he were trying to wear it. The shocked mom screamed for help and other shoppers ran to her aid and tackled the man to the ground.

Store employees also came running. The assailant punched a worker before a security guard was finally able to body slam and subdue him. Hill thinks the attacker may have been under the influence.

Fortunately, her daughter was not badly hurt. The baby turned red for a few minutes but will reportedly be fine. I can only imagine this poor mother will have to deal with the fear and emotional scars from this attack for years to come.

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